Services - Home Automation 2

Home Automation

With the help of Plan B Customs, you can program multiple lifestyle scenario settings for your automation system. If you step away from your house and realize you forgot to turn off a light, you can simply choose an “Away” setting on your mobile device that will remotely turn off all lights, music, and TVs as well as adjust your HVAC settings as desired. Not only are you being environment friendly, but you are also cutting down monthly energy costs for your family. Pairing your home automation system with a leading digital assistant can provide the convenience of voice control commands to dim lights, turn on the fireplace, open the blinds and play music.

However, that is not all that Plan B Customs’s home automation system can do. Let’s collaborate ideas together and help turn your home into a sleek and modern work of art. You are truly the master of your own home.

Services - Whole House

Whole House Audio/Video

Whole House Audio/Video systems allow you to experience the magic of superior audio and video entertainment throughout your home. Share your movie library, streaming video devices, and satellite channels to every room from one clutter-free closet of equipment. Eliminating unattractive satellite boxes, DVD players or other video sources below each TV.

Capture a crystal clear audio visual in every room without the distraction of flickering lights on devices below the TV and create a better experience with your family and guests. From your kitchen during a dining party, your back patio during an evening by the pool, or in your living room during a fun family gathering, make whole-house audio/video the home addition that makes lasting memories out of daily moments.

Services - Home Theater

Home Theater

It’s not often that you get to relax. But now, binge-watching your favorite series has never been more indulgent than when you watch it with a Plan B Customs home theater system! Our systems can be controlled by any smartphone or tablet which means that you’ll only have to get up to refill the popcorn!

With Plan B Customs’s range of high-definition screens and speakers with crystal clear sound that will suit any budget, you’ll be so absorbed that the world could pass you by.

Whether you're building a new home or have an existing room that you see has the potential to get the ultimate makeover into that one-of-a-kind home theater, our team is the premier choice to create the home theater of your dreams.

Services - Lighting

Lighting Control

Your busy schedule doesn't have to get in the way of keeping your home beautiful, day and night! At Plan B Customs, we are dedicated to saving you time, energy, and ultimately money. By having an efficient lighting system, you are making an investment in your home.

Our advanced lighting control system allows remote access to your lighting system.  Be welcomed home by a well-lit driveway and cozy indoors. Adjust the lighting in all or individual rooms with a touch of a button.  Not only is this a time-saving investment but also an increase in the security of your property.

At Plan B Customs, we promise that with our help we can turn your house into a home. Now isn’t that relaxing?

Services - Shades

Motorized Shades

Our shading solutions are the most effective way to add elegance, convenience, and comfort to your home with our wide range of materials and styles. Our automated shading systems are ultra-quiet, reliable, and can be pre-set to automatically open and close all with a simple touch of a button. By choosing to add shading solutions to your home, you are also helping to ensure the life of your furnishings, as you will be protecting them from harsh UV rays which are known to cause damage. In addition, taking advantage of daylight lowers the need for electric light, which can lower utility bills.

Services - Security


At Plan B Customs we offer the leaders in the CCTV market for your home, business and for your budget. Catch all the action and have a record of all events that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Solve the ‘Mystery of the Smashed Vase’ in seconds, see exactly what time your children got home from school, or check in on your pets while you are away. With remote capability, you can control your system from anywhere in the world, giving you control even when you’re not at home.

Let our team of friendly, knowledgeable experts take the hassle out of surveillance system integration.